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Site Member Galleries
« on: March 31, 2007, 10:00:01 PM »
Everyone who is registered on the site has a spot for personal photos.

There are (3) three ways you may view someone's personal photo's:

  • Go to the photo gallery and click Personal Galleries then you may choose whose gallery you wish to view
  • In any forum post under the user's avatar (picture) there is a link titled Personal Gallery click this and it will take you right to that users personal gallery
  • If you are logged in there is a menu item in the forums that will be visible titled MEMBERS.  When you click this you will get a list of site members, find the member you would like to know more about and click their name.  At the bottom of their infomation there will be a section titled Additional Infomation.  In this section you have several options, one of which is viewing that persons personal photo gallery.  If you click this link it will take you right to that users personal gallery.

If you would like to add photo's to your personal gallery:

  • Make sure your files comply to the following file size and dimensional limits. The maximum width or height of the picture you may upload is 800 PX.  The maximum size of the file you may upload is 2048 Kb.  You may have to use a photo editor to bring your photo in line with the limits (Gene ::))
  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Create a personal album by clicking the Create / order my albums button in the Photo Gallery. Click the new button and the text New album will appear in the list and in the editable text box below.  Change the name in the editable text box to whatever you like.  You may create another album by clicking the new button and following the same process.  If you want to change the order you may do so by highlighting the album you want to move in the list and clicking the up or down arrow.  Once you are finished click the apply modifications button. You will then get confirmation of your actions. Click Continue
  • click the upload file button on top of the Photo Gallery page
  • Click the browse button to search your computer for the file you would like to upload.  You may upload (5) five files at a time.
  • Click the continue button once you're ready to upload
  • The next screen will tell you if and how many of your uploads were successful. If all is well click the continue button to add your images to an album.
  • select the album from the drop down list (this will be the name of the album you created above under the *personal albums category unless of course you'd like to upload it to a categorized public album)
  • fill out the file title with the name of your picture
  • fill out the description with what you want to tell us about your picture
  • fill out any keywords separated by a space. Keywords are used to help in searching.  Ex. (P-51 Sig kit OS50SX)  then if someone were to search for any of those keywords your photo along with any others having the same keyword would appear in the search results list (there is also a link to display available keywords that you may choose from
  • Click continue you will get a message telling you if you were successful
  • Click continue
  • You maintain control of your photo's so if you would like at any time to delete or modify your photo you may

What are you waiting for???  Lets see your stuff ;D
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