Author Topic: Spektrum - Where to attach remote receivers to the primary receiver  (Read 238 times)

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Ted Brindle found the following info on RC Groups:

This applies to Spektrum RXs that have a remote RX with the primary

Remote receivers are required, yes, with the minimum number being how many it came with. So, if it came with one you must have at least one installed. If it came with 2 then you need to have 2 installed.

There are multiple ports on the primary RX. The sequence you fill them in doesn't matter just the fact that they are there. Because they are independent receivers, they need to be all bound at the same time. "B" means "after A" "L" and "R" go back to the original receivers from 10+ years ago, were Left and Right back then.

The "L" port is shared with the PC communication, so if you are using only a single remote receiver, you should plug it into R or B instead of L. If you don't do that, you won't be able to check your changes while the computer/phone is attached because the receiver won't see the minimum number of remotes functioning when you are programming the RX.