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Earth Day at the Bartholomew Co, recycle center (our landlord) is Saturday April 27 from 8am to 3pm.  I would like to have a good turnout to thank our landlord for the use of our flying field.

I have 60 gliders on order, that should arrive in the next couple days, to had out to kids.  This is not exactly in
the spirit of showing "reuse airplanes" as we have in the past with the penny gliders (as suitable egg cartons don't seem to be available).  I found a few examples of gliders that can be made from recycled materials, but
it seemed that making them to hand out would be a lot more effort than in the past.  I plan to make a few to
show what can be done.  If anyone has plans they could do the same.  Perhaps we could have a contest to
see which design goes the farthest.

We will have a few (3) tables to display small planes, etc.  I would like to have help from the rest of the club, we need:
      - BCRCF Tri-fold brochures
      - 2-3 people to help set up and man the tables.  I will be there from a little before 8am to whenever we
         call it quits, usually before 3pm.  You don't need to be there the whole day, an hour or two shift would be
            - setup (~7:30) to 10am
            - 10am to 12 noon
            - 12 noon to pack up (2 - 3pm)
      - Planes, quad-copters, etc. for static display.  And will bring a couple planes.  It would be good to have
         10-20 planes for display if the weather is good and maybe half that if the weather is bad.

As usual we will plan to set up just inside the entrance, by the pavilion, if the weather is good and inside one
of the buildings if the weather is bad.

Please let me know how you would like to help.

Jeff Rauch
Classifieds / Re: Bob Neitzke - Looking for 3D Printer Owners
« Last post by Chuck Baker on April 14, 2019, 08:27:12 PM »
Hi Bob,

I picked up a used Flashforge Creator Pro recently.
Planning to print some RC planes on it, starting with a Stik.

Were you able to get all of the setting figured out?

B-17 Aluminum Overcast Tour

You're now invited to relive that story on a historic flight aboard the EAA's beautifully restored B-17 Flying Fortress, Aluminum Overcast.

For any questions, or if you are interested in booking a full flight at a location, please contact Membership Services at 800-359-6217 or check out the website -
Per Steve Woods, this event has been cancelled due to the poor weather forecast.
According to Ted Brindle...

Tony Stillman, Tech Director for AMA was at the last Indy RC Modelers club meeting.  He gave a short presentation on what AMA is doing with respect to the FAA regulations and highly encouraged all AMA members to submit feedback to the FAA.  AMA wants to have thousands of these comments sent to the FAA so they won't ignore the AMA membership on the decisions that come out with respect to our hobby.
So, take 5 minutes and help AMA help us protect our RC Airspace.

The following link explains how to submit a comment, and includes a template for your comment:
General Discussion / P-47 "Razorback" Thunderbolt Restoration Update
« Last post by Chuck Baker on April 10, 2019, 10:57:09 AM »
Sent to me by Ted Brindle:

A link for all you P47 Warbird folks - ongoing restoration:

This is a razorback version that was built in Evansville, IN:
Hitec HS605 BB Servos
$15 each or all 10 for $120
4.8V: 76.40 oz-in (5.50 kg-cm) 6.0V: 94.40 oz-in (6.80 kg-cm)

Futaba S9201 Coreless Servos
$18 each or all 3 for $50
6.0V: 69.50 oz-in (5.00 kg-cm)

Futaba S5101 Servos
$12 each or all 4 for $40

New in Box—Sullivan High Torque
$50—this sells new by Sullivan for $92

Ted Brindle
Indianapolis, IN
H:  317-894-2311
C:  317-797-8502
Guys - I have held on to this "just in case" I had issues with my iX12 and that iX12 seems to be working fine so it is time to sell my Black Edition DX9.   This was my "Backup" DX9 and it saw no use at the field.  I did some experiments in the shop with programming but it is just like new.  It has a protective shield on the screen and the Spektrum balance attachment for the neck strap.  It comes with the original DX9 case (the case has a few scratches from sitting in the shop).  Also included is the charger, and SD card.  I don't have the manual but that is available online as a PDF download at Horizon and I do have lots of info sheets on the TX from the DX9 RX Groups forum. It has been updated to a 4000mah lipo battery that gives you 3 or 4 days of flying without needing to charge and I also have a 2nd new in box glacier lipo battery for the TX ($30).  Once it sells I will un-register it on the Spektrum site.

   Horizon is currently selling this same TX for $480 without the case and the case is $85 and $30 for the extra battery make this a $595 value.  I realize that it is not new and under warranty however my experience when I have had issues in the past is that Spektrum repairs their TX/RX that are long out of warranty for free except for shipping costs unless it is from physical damage that would not be covered under any warranty.   I am asking $475.   I will bring it to the club meeting Monday night for inspection for anyone interested.

Ted Brindle
Indianapolis, IN
H:  317-894-2311
C:  317-797-8502
Classifieds / *** For Sale *** - Switches and Servo Extensions (Ted Brindle)
« Last post by Chuck Baker on April 05, 2019, 02:08:48 PM »
Guys - clearing out some unused stuff.   

I have heavy duty switches with the charge jack built in and also the standard switches.  Also lots of servo extensions.  The are the connector types that Futaba used with the key way but a simple removal of the key way with an Exacto and they can be  used on all radio types. 

Heavy Duty Switches with charge jack - $7.50 or 3 for $20
Standard switches  $2.50 each of 3 for $6
Extensions - 6", 12", 18", 24"   $1.50 each or 3 for $4

If you are interested let me know and I will bring them to the club meeting on Monday.

Ted Brindle
Indianapolis, IN
H:  317-894-2311
C:  317-797-8502
Motors and Speed Controllers / All about brushless electric motors
« Last post by Chuck Baker on April 05, 2019, 02:07:20 PM »
Sent to me by Ted Brindle:

If you want to know a little more about electric motors in our planes see the linked article.
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