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Title: Indianapolis Citywide Fun Fly (Southside), Sat 8/22, Greenwood, IN
Post by: Chuck Baker on January 19, 2015, 12:59:30 AM
The Citywide Fun Fly will be hosted by Indy RC South this year.

For details on this event, see below...
Title: Re: Indianapolis Citywide Fun Fly (Southside), Sat 8/22, Greenwood, IN
Post by: Chuck Baker on June 17, 2015, 11:47:32 PM
My name is Jeff Yelton. I will be the C.D. for this years (August 22) annual City Wide fun fly contest hosted by Indianapolis RC South (a tradition spanning over 4 decades). Traditionally this event brings together area flyers for a time of fellowship and low key competition.  Flyers represent their club, with the top 5 scores from the two rounds of flying providing the final scoring.  The events are bomb drop, limbo, stick break, and spot landing.  These events can be performed by any plane, and the basics are flown  by your average flyer every time they fly.
Recent City Wide events have seen lower attendance, with some clubs having difficulties finding five flyers interested in attending.  We have explored ideas for generating attendance.  One idea is to have a contest within a contest.  We could have a blind draw matching two pilots together, with their combined scores competing for prizes.  This could give flyers a reason to attend the event regardless of their numbers for club participation, and further promote fellowship across club lines.  Novice and proficient pilots could equally have a chance for winning something.
I would like to encourage all area club members to attend this year's City Wide event. I ask that you bring this event and the idea for two person randomly selected teams, to your membership.  I would like your feedback on the idea presented, and any other ideas you might offer for generating City Wide interest.  Once everyone's input is received, I will get back to all concerning event details.
Your timely response is appreciated!
Jeff Yelton
Title: Re: Indianapolis Citywide Fun Fly (Southside), Sat 8/22, Greenwood, IN
Post by: Chuck Baker on August 08, 2015, 12:25:21 AM
Latest from Jeff Yelton (CD):

   This is a follow-on to my June 17th message concerning this year’s City-Wide Fun Fly, which the Indianapolis RC South Club will host on August the 22nd.   In that message I reviewed the traditional events of bomb drop, limbo, stick break, and spot landing.  I further indicated we were exploring ideas which might further encourage event attendance by area pilots, even if their club has limited member interest for team participation.  Your thoughts and/or ideas were solicited.
   To date we have received no input or comment.  Accordingly, we will be conducting the City-Wide in the traditional manner, with the top five club scores from each of two rounds making up the club scores.  Additionally, we will have a contest within a contest, with two person teams blindly matched from all pilots in attendance.  The top two team pairs will be given QUADS as contest prizes! (Thank you Hobby RC).
  In addition to giving away the Quads I will be bringing a pot of my world famous vegetable soup. Ok I might have exaggerated a bit, but if you don't agree it’s the best soup you ever tasted I will give you your money back (did I mention its free). And of course we will have hot dogs and drinks as well.
  Major road construction is underway closing the primary route to our flying field from the west.  A map is attached which shows the easiest way to reach our flying site.
  In closing, I encourage everyone to come!  The City-Wide event is always a time of good fun and fellowship.  The gates will be open by 8 am, with the pilots meeting at 9:30 am. 
Jeff Yelton
Contest Director