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Title: Personal User Albums
Post by: Pat on June 06, 2006, 02:15:44 PM
I created a test account and have verified that all site members can upload files... 

Additionally, Each user can create a personal user album.  I'm working on providing a feature that will link to individual member albums.  This link will show up under the user picture in the forums and will also be available in the profile of members. 

Right now the total upload quota's are progressive and range from 1mb to 10mb depending on the number of posts contributed to the discussion forum.  I will most likely be tweaking this number depending on member feedback.
Title: Re: Personal User Albums
Post by: Pat on June 08, 2006, 12:16:45 AM

There is now a link that will show up for personal photo galleries both in the profile summary of each user and at the bottom of the posters information in the discussion board threads.  These links will take you into the gallery and will display the pictures that the member (who's gallery you wish to view ) has uploaded to his/her personal album.  the basic format of the gallery is, the top row shows random photos, the middle section shows the album you are viewing (I.E. personal abum, planes, events, etc, etc;)  The bottom row of thumbnails is the last pictures uploaded.  In the near future I will organize these a bit better.  Also, If the user has no private album, the only pictures that you will see are the random pictures and the last added pictures.  I placed a test picture in my private album, so... click the link at the bottom of my information to the left of this post.