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  • Ticket Fly #3: July 22, 2018

Author Topic: Indy RC South, Ticket Fly #3, Sun 7/22 @ 2pm, Greenwood, IN  (Read 859 times)

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Indy RC South, Ticket Fly #3, Sun 7/22 @ 2pm, Greenwood, IN
« on: March 23, 2018, 08:10:44 AM »
Fun in the sun and an air conditioned airfield, that is, cooler temperatures expected for Sunday‚Äôs 2pm TICKET FLY.  If you have not done this event, you get a ticket when you sign up and pay $5.00.  You will, then, receive a ticket for each flight you complete.  At the end of the event there is a drawing of three tickets with the money split up between the three winners.  First ticket drawn will receive the most money and the third ticket drawn will receive the least amount.  Event ends at 4 pm.

It is for fun and an opportunity to send time with those who have the same passion as you do.

In addition to the Ticket Fly you will also have any opportunity to try your Fun-Fly skills.  There will be no scoring and you can attempt anyone of the four challenges and you will earn a ticket, just the same, for each flight.  I can explain it better at the field. 

See you at the club field.

Rick Taylor
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