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  • Indianapolis Citywide Fun Fly: August 19, 2017

Author Topic: Indianapolis Citywide Fun Fly (Indy RC South), Sat 8/19 @ 11am, Greenwood, IN  (Read 294 times)

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The Southside club will again this year host a "City-Wide" funfly, on August 19.  Members of our club have always enjoyed the City-Wide, and I have heard from others who voiced they missed the event last year and offered encouragement that it take place again.  The event will have the traditional elements; bomb drop, limbo, stick break, and spot landing.  Electric, gas, or glow airplanes of any size can be flown.  Any type of "bomb" dropped from any where on the airplane can be used, as long as it is gravity released (no mechanical releases).  The scoring will be slightly changed to use two person "team" totals, as opposed to using five for club scores in the past.

Clubs can use as many two person teams as they wish.  Individuals who come alone will be "teamed" up with another flyer.  Two awards will be presented to the top scoring two person team.   Additionally, there will be merchandise given out during the event.  There will be no entry fee, but donations will be accepted to cover the provided food and drink. 

I wanted to get this information out early so that members of area clubs can give it some thought.  While the event will take place regardless of known interest at this time, I would strongly encourage area club participation as it will offer a great opportunity for flying fun!  Please pass the content of this message to your membership.

More information will be provided as the event date nears. 

Thank you!
Duane Wright
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