Photos from the 29th Fly-In for Diabetes

Thanks to Rob Brennan for the photos – you can see the rest of them *** here ***


Spencer Stevens doing his thing…


Tony Marsh (team ICON) doing some inverted flying


Glider Chase! Note the small piece of wing (red circle) that was removed courtesy of Jack Sallade


Seth Arnold (Horizon Hobbies) doing a low knife edge pass with the big Yak


Gary Wild’s F9F Panther (electric ducted fan)


Joe Farris almost able to catch his own streamer while doing aerobatics.


Kids running out to pick up the candy dropped by the Candy Cub!


Ben Batts hovering his Big Extra over the runway.


Jerry Bunner’s Space Shuttle being hauled up by Duane Wright for another glide down


Jack Sallade’s RC Parachutist – Free Fall Freddie


Gary Wild dumping another load – of candy!

Indy RC South Shirts & Hats


We now have club hats!!!

Thanks to the efforts of club member Shannon Honeycut, we now have several colors and styles of club hats to choose from.

Cost is only $15 each, and the proceeds from these sales will go into the club treasury.  They will be available for sale at club meetings and at Hobby R/C.

We also still have Club T-shirts available for sale at Hobby R/C.  The dark blue shirts, featuring the PBY Catalina, are still available in sizes Large thru 4XL.  The white shirts, featuring the B-17 Flying Fortress, are only available in 2XL.  The cost is $15 per shirt, with the proceeds from each sale going to the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Make sure to get your shirt while supplies last!


News from the Field

New Frequency Board:


Frequency board open – very compact design!

Thanks to Bob Badger, with help from Bob Neitzke, a new frequency board has been installed on the inside wall of the center shelter, next to where the old frequency board was.  Apparently, someone left the doors unlatched on the old board and the wind damaged the doors beyond repair.

The new frequency board is just like the previous version, but without frequency pins.  With the reduced usage of 72MHz radios, the flyer’s AMA card can now serve to identify who has a given frequency. As long as your card is visible in the slot then you have the frequency. If there is a conflict, it can be resolved between those needing the frequency — presumably by removing/inserting cards to indicate who currently has the frequency.


Frequency board closed – Note instructions.

For those using 2.4GHz radios, you still need to use the frequency board.  There are several slots along the bottom of the board for you to put your AMA card in.

The new frequency board has a cover, that is hinged on the bottom.  If you are the last to leave the field, you will need to swing the cover up and secure it with the latch on top.

Thank for your your cooperation!

SQuiRT visits Indy RC South

Wings Across America is the creation of Frank Geisler of Gloucester, Virginia. Frank is an avid RC pilot, USAF veteran, and AMA leader member who volunteers his free time to help promote the sport of model aviation. When Frank discussed this project with some of his friends it was received with such enthusiasm that the project was born of this energy. All that was needed were to find hundreds of RC pilots across the US and in every state willing to fly the plane at their home field then drive to the next pilot, thus forming a nationwide network of pilots who would fly an RC airplane across America.

That’s how I became involved, as registered pilot #358. I signed up to participate in Wings across America when the plane was down at the 2009 Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF) in Americus, GA. I had actually forgotten about it when Frank contacted me to let me know that it was nearly my turn!

I picked up the rather nice wooden case that the plane and equipment travel in from Jay Smith (#357) up at the Northeast Side Taildraggers club field on the NE side of Indy on the morning of 22 September. It was windy that morning, but I just had to try out the geotextile fabric surface they use for a runway – very nice! :)

Chuck Baker makes a low pass with the SQuiRT – Jerry Bunner photo

It was too windy for several days, so I wasn’t able to fly the SQuiRT (Simple Quiet Robust Trainer) until our Fall Electric Fly-In on Saturday, September 29th. Conditions were nearly perfect and the flight began with a great hand-launch by Jerry Bunner, our club president. The little SQuiRT flew very well, but nosed over a bit in the thick grass on landing. Afterwards the SQuiRT got to hang out with all the other electric planes that were at the Fly-In.

After the Fly-In ended, I delivered SQuiRT to Mike Friesel (#359) down at the Monroe Co RC field (just North of Bloomington). They have a beautiful field and they were kind enough to let me stick around and do some flying with them!

I’m glad that I signed up and was able to participate in this event for Indy RC South!

Chuck Baker

Relaxing for a photo op with the SQuiRT after a successful flight – Jerry Bunner photo

Southside wins 2012 Indianapolis Citywide Fun Fly!

Southside Team

Indy RC South Winning Team! (l-r) Duane Wright, Brian Merrell, Doug Gifford, Herman Cholewinski, Al Tucker

The 2012 Indianapolis Citywide Fun Fly was held at the Indianapolis RC South field on Saturday, August 18th.  By now I’m sure you’ve heard that it was a great success.

The Eastside (Morristown) club had about 8 flyers and Plainfield Screaming Eagles had 6 flyers.  Indy RC South only had 5 flyers, but we were able to prevail even with the bare minimum number of flyers.

Needless to say the weather was perfect and all had a good time.  Erik Munevar was on hand and cooked up the hotdogs  for the free provided lunch.  It seemed to be really appreciated..  The Eastside club quickly volunteered to host next year.

Maybe we have a bit of FunFly revival going on.

Doug Gifford

Here are the scoresheets for each of the clubs:

Around Tuit RC Visit


(l-r) Chuck Baker, Bob Badger, Eric Jordon, Jerry Bunner, Gary Wild, Chris Pratt, Herman Cholewinski, (kneeling) Brian Merrell & Charles Cherry

Eric Jordon and Chris Pratt with Around Tuit RC visited the Indy RC South field recently on Thursday evening, June 2nd.  We were the first stop on their 2011 RC Road Trip.  They started out from Augusta, Georgia early that morning, and arrived at our field about 5pm.

The following Southside members were present at the field that evening:  Bob Badger, Chuck Baker, Jerry Bunner, Charles Cherry, Herman Cholewinski, Brian Merrell, and Gary Wild.

Although Eric was beat from the long trip and suffering from a headache, they did stay and fly with us for a little while before heading off to dinner and the motel.  Check out the video Eric put together of their visit at the following link

I’ve also started a forum thread with additional information here –,1050.0.html

You can find more information about Around Tuit RC at

2nd Annual Electric Fly-In


Brian Merrell preps his P-51 for flight – he won one as well!

I was very pleased with the turnout we had for this early morning event.

There were a total of 17 registered pilots, with about 1/3 of these being from other area clubs.

This was the first early morning event I’ve run – normally I like to sleep in on Saturday.
It was probably a good thing we started early though since by noon it was very hot and windy.

The pilot with the most number of flights this year was Mark Gray, who logged 12 flights.
Ted Brindle was 2nd with 10 flights and Matt Hanley 3rd with 8 flights.
Steve Percifield was the first to fly – he couldn’t wait!  Smiley

For those that are wondering who won what:

P-51 Mustang (59 tickets) – Brian Merrell
Edge 540 kit (50 tickets) – Charles Cherry
Yak 55 kit (26 tickets) – George Hallander
2 Dog RC ?? (28 tickets) – Chuck Baker

Spektrum DX6i 2.4GHz radio – Paul Kaster

Michelle Mellema (Scott Marquette’s wife) took several photos of the event and posted them on her Facebook page.
You can check them out here -

I also posted the photos on our club website gallery here -

Hope everyone had a great time!